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Tea Readings

Tea Readings with Karen

tea leaf readings with Karen

Tea Readings with Karen. Readings have become a favourite part of my consulting as I divine and intuit over your special brew. Become amazed at what is revealed. Connecting with your inner life is a gift!

I’ve always enjoyed drinking tea, encouraged from my early childhood where my parents always started the day with a good strong black Tynee Tips tea with milk and sugar. It has definitely changed a lot since then. The choices and types of tea is endless.

I’m into making my own organic herbals based on not only flavour also on the benefits that these traditional herbs impart. As a herbalist I have always had a fascination with plants and all things in the natural world. I also enjoy sipping flavoured teas and start my day with a good black organic tea (not cows milk anymore either), sit and contemplate, give thanks and gratitude to my life. On many occasions I gleen into my leaves and ”check out” what is happening.

Maybe its your turn? Doing a tea leaf reading for someone else is a simple process for you. I’m notified once payment is received – head to the online shop here – and then process starts for you. I sit quietly, contemplate and intuit what the leaves are saying and provide you via email with a detailed account of what I see. I usually read it straight away and then come back to it in a few hours to collect more information. I send you a copy of your tea leaves and a written explanation as to what I see. If you would like to discuss this with me, a consultation can be arranged (See the shop to book or contact Karen direct on or 0400836254).

Tea Inspiration package

My journey into herbs began years ago when I owned a business called ”The Spice Girls” where I took a deep dive into the properties of herb, spices and teas which provided me with the impetus to study more. I learned much about which herbs blend well together and the purpose of what they can do to heal your health. Following this led me to my Naturopathic, Nutrition and Herbal clinic in North Brisbane. I follow a nature based life-style in my work marrying my intuition with science – Nature to Nurture.  For your consultation – face to face, via the internet or phone (phone only in Australia) here. My focus in your reading is all about YOU! In our busy lives we need to give ourselves special self-care to rejuvenate and refocus. Your health is important and so are you! Why not share this lovely gift with others. Contact me for further information on your own special tea party! Get your friends together (6 to 8) and I will come and read for you! It’s so much fun getting connected!

Tea readings have a long history that dates back thousands of years to Chinese Emperors, Buddhist monks, English aristocracy, ancient healers, psychics and eventually to Romany gypsies who would divine for people as they traveled using tea leaves to tell their fortunes. Lay persons like Greek grandmothers would regularly divine for their families and families in the Scottish Highlands would read tea leaves at breakfast time to foretell what kind of day lies ahead.  Movie stars of yesteryear and today pay for their fortunes to be told by their favourite tasseographer (tea leave readers). There are few tea houses that remain however there are still people that are reading and interpreting your leaves! I am one of them!

Looking forward to reading for you! Why not purchase a beautiful organic herbal to make your tea with. Here are my blends and information about my them.

Insightful leaves

Cost: $50.00 AUS for your specialised tea interpretation and reading. You will receive your tea reading emailed to you with a copy of your tea leaf pictures. Purchase here today. This is emailed to you within 48 hours.

Email Karen if you have any questions on

Karen Green – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist – NHAA

Gaining Health Naturally Naturopathy Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Qld

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