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Summer – A time to be Jolly & Merry

Summer – A time to be Jolly & MerryChristmas wishes

As we enter into the season to be jolly and merry, it is also a time when we enter into long hot Summer days across Australia.  In the Southern Hemisphere Summer heralds in the harvest. A time to celebrate and be merry. It’s not the time to set goals, make New Year resolutions (no wonder so many fall down), or to start major projects.  Now this it doesn’t mean you can’t run your business or keep things chugging along at home. What it is about is letting your hair down a little and embracing the spirit of the sun – the great outdoors, hiking, bike riding, spending fun times, sharing breakfasts and dinners with those you love. Sometimes this can be difficult to do. When we truly stop we look to fill up with doing again as we are not used to being in one place or stopping completely to rest and rejuvenate.

Summer time reminds us to pack up shop for a while, wind down and enjoy good times! Put it this way, if we put all that effort into growing the crop and then we harvest it at the wrong time, or if it’s gone by and you haven’t harvested you could lose a significant amount of value of what you were hoping to do with the item or project you had started. All things come to a time of harvest, embracing and enjoying the wins of the day.  It is almost time for that – Summer Solstice is officially that time.

In the Northern hemisphere it is a different matter – as darkness prevails it enters into a time of greater reflection, a time to think about and set what the year ahead will bring and part of that may be to set goals or to strategize about what may be.

I invite you in this holiday period coming to sit back and truly relax. So often we become busy and then when holiday time arrives we become busier.  That is not resting, relaxing and rejuvenating. Potentially that is ‘’filling up’’.

This holiday season I am:

  • Turning off the computer more and that means social media as well.
  • Turning off the internet completely at night – Actually I already do that, this is just a reminder. Allow your nervous system to turn off completely at night so turn off your appliances, take your mobile out of your room and switch off – everything!
  • Getting out my favourite books – I have a couple ready to go!
  • Sleeping in as much as I can.
  • Enjoy breakfasts in the sun in the early morning.
  • Walk in nature and enjoy my beach yoga.

What is your commitment to self? I invite you to do this so you come back refreshed.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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