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Tea Botanicals

Teas with Purpose 

Specially Hand blended and formulated Organic & Wild-Crafted Herbal & Green Tea Blends

tea botanicals

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At Tea Botanicals we specialise in blending certified organic Herbal Teas! Renew, refresh and rejuvenate sipping a delicious cup of therapeutic herbal tea!

Our organic Herbal Blends have been professionally and specifically formulated for their medicinal and therapeutic qualities by our Naturopath and Herbalist Karen Green.

Having started her own business (The Spice Girls many years ago), featuring Herbal Teas, Karen decided she needed to know more about herbs.  She set her sights on becoming a Naturopath and Herbalist. Many twists and turns later (along with much study!) Karen is now fully qualified.

Why teas? She loves medicinal herbs for there therapeutic benefit, Australian certified organic to ensure quality, chemical free, flavour and aroma. She loves herbs for there natural beauty, medicinal benefits and flavour.  She proudly brings a small range of specially formulated herbal blends and Green teas to you, your family and friends.

 Quality is of the utmost importance to us and that is why we only use quality, mostly certified organic herbs and teas sourced from around the world. They are Australian Certified Organic which means they come with stringent assurances of quality.

Tea Botanicals Goddess tea

Why organic?

Demand for organic produce is on the increase as consumers became more aware of the benefits of purchasing high quality chemical free products.  Organic is not only about better nutrition, the science is telling us, it is about choosing foods that are ‘clean’ without nasty chemicals or pesticides. Organic herbs generally come from small land owners, sometimes wild-crafted and are sourced from across the planet.  What would you prefer for your health?

Tea Botanicals Herbs offer robust rich flavours, gentle and delicate herbs with blending as the key to a great ”cuppa”.  Herbs are also chosen for their specific therapeutic qualities that are considered when blending. This comes from years of experience with the Spice Girls and a love of sipping teas.

Whether it’s a tea to nurture yourself, a special gift for friend our or herbal tea formulations have been developed

with much care and a love of teaTea Botanicals – Teas with Purpose

Interested in having a Tea Botanicals blend specifically formulated for your business?  Contact us on to discuss the options.

Purchase our organic specialty herbal teas here

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