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Sourcing the best and most relevant nutrition, health and well-being information can be a daunting task for us today. Sorting through whats relevant, what is accurate and what is misinformation can be a difficult process.  How do you find your way through the quagmire of this vast information?

Gaining Health Naturally – Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist Karen Green, can help cut and sift through the mass of health information that comes to us on a daily basis. As professionals our job is to choose the most relevant and appropriate evidence-based research available. We use this information in our workshops and discussions.

What works best for one person isn’t always the most appropriate approach for another. Nutritional and Naturopathic Medicine is constantly being updated and is changing as new evidence based research arrives on a daily basis. This can make it difficult for the lay person to decipher what to use and what is best for you.

Come along to a Gaining Health Naturally workshop or talk with an experienced educator and practitioner who is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist!

Gaining Health Naturally holds presentations and webinars in Brisbane, Australia and the World!

Here is a list of Gaining Health Naturally topics however if there is something specific you would like to discuss or know about, contact us and we can start the process…….

Renew the Inner You: Safe Detoxification (Our signature!)

Need more Energy & Reset your Inner Mojo? Need a Cleanse to let go of the old to make way for the new? Learn safe detoxification methods and explore the why’s, how’s and what to do to create a gentle cleanse and detox with Naturopath & Nutritionist Karen Green, from Gaining Health Naturally. Tempting recipes and menus are provided to help you safely cleanse.  You will receive handouts, recipes and menus along with our detox tea during the session.

Your Thyroid Health: The Butterfly Within

What the world leaders are relaying about your Thyroid Health.  What are the foods to avoid, the foods to eat and the lifestyle choices you need to make to optimize your thyroid function.  In a relaxed 2.5 hour introductory session learn the dos and don’ts when it comes to your thyroid.


Freedom from Fatigue: Feeling Fabulous after Adrenal Stress

Tired & Wired? Adrenal Health is fast becoming an issue for the modern era?

What affects your adrenal function and how to change it.  Across the world in our fast paced lives, adrenal fatigue is on the increase. How do you recognise it, what tests can be used to recognise it and what affects your adrenal health.  What are the modern day choices that we make that influence our adrenal health and how to change this?  Nurturing recipes and discussion in this 2 part series.

Oils ain’t oils: The best oils (and fats) to use for optimal health and well-being?

The changes that have occurred in the health industry that need to influence our approach to oils and fats, the latest research and why omega-3 fatty acids are important for your health.  Recipes, handouts and relaxed open discussion in this 2 hour session.

Get the zing in your Kitchen!  Healthy adult lunches & snacks

In a 2.5 hour session learn some fun recipes and how to make your lunches important, healthy and inviting.  Balancing protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals is important as we age.  Learn how to achieve this and be inspired to prepare health nutritious foods.  Food demonstration including recipes and handouts.

Insulin Resistance?  Catch word or serious health issue?

What is it – how do I know? In an informative relaxed 2 hour discussion presentation – learn what is insulin resistance, how to change it and recognise if it is present.  In this session enjoy health tips, the tests that are available to check this and what lifestyle changes you need to make.

Menopause is not a dirty word: A time to Embrace!

In a nurturing environment explore, embrace and share what this phase of life is all about, learn the why, what, when and how to change this into an inspirational exploration of self.  Learn the herbs that benefit, the latest nutrition and well-being research and how you can live your best life yet!

Children: Autism and ADHD.  What are your nutrition and health choices?

What the latest research in science indicates to us. How gut reactions may be playing a part of a ‘bigger’ chronic inflammatory cascade and what you can do about it.  Learn fun, easy to prepare recipes and explanations on how to create changes.

Your Personalised Workshop or Information Session

If you are a local school or community group, small or large business or have a special event we can tailor make an activity or hold a workshop session specifically for you.

Email Karen on or phone for 0400 836254 to arrange a time to discuss what your next workshop may include.

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