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MTHFR Testing and Initial Consultation

MTHFR Testing and Initial Consultation

Interested in finding out if you have the MTHFR mutation? Concerned about what MTHFR may be doing to your health?

Understanding MTHFR and how this affects your health can be complex for many. It need not be.

MTHFR testing and an initial consultation explores which of the MTHFR SNP’s if any, that you have and what is needed to assist your health along the way.MTHFR Testing and Initial Consultation

The MTHFR genetic SNP (mutation), is involved in many important biochemical pathways of the body. See blog on MTFHR for more information. For these reasons, it can be important particularly if you are suffering chronic disease issues or health concerns to find out.

The current MTHFR SNP’s that are tested include:

1.       MTHFR C677T

2.       MTHFR A1298C

This consultation package involves two parts:

1.       Once you have made your booking a MTHFR kit will be sent to you. Once your test results are back you will be advised to make an initial consultation with Karen Green via phone or email.

2.       An initial consultation needs to be made with Karen is an in-depth process uncovering the most important aspects that may be affecting your health and finding individualised, beneficial solutions.

It’s an easy test taken either as a swab or blood test.

MTFHR testing & Initial Consultation – $255.00

Why not get started today and find out what may be lying beneath.

Make an appointment with Karen Green Naturopath today.

You can also find more information about MTHFR here: Seeking Health – Karen Green and further information here

See blog on here: MTHFR

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