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Genetic Profiling for Health

Genetic Profiling for Health – In person Initial Consultation & Genetic Report

Interested in exploring your underlying genetic potential that influences your health?

Genetic profiling for health explores your SNP’s (mutations) that can potentially express and contribute to health issues within.

This assessment is a three-step process:

  1. Order your genetic testing
  2. Book an initial consultation with your testing results (raw data). During the initial consultation, we will place this raw data into an appropriate site to read this.
  3. Finally, a genetic health profile report is provided to you that details your main health areas of concerns, directed toward prevention that includes dietary and lifestyle suggestions along with herbal and supplemental recommendations. Any supplements or herbal tinctures that you may require can be purchased if desired.
  • The cost of testing is not included in this consultation.
  • You will need to have your genetic testing carried out.
  • Please note this is not family heritage screening it is purely assessing your genetic SNP’s and potential health issues.
  • Once the raw genetic code information returns, this information requires interpreting. This is done through specific search engines. Once this has been carried out you will need someone to interpret what the information means. This is where Gaining Health Naturally comes in. As part of this assessment a detailed report, on how to prevent your SNP’s from potentiating, along with health advice on your best treatment approaches based on your genes is provided.
  • The interpretation of the results involves hours of preparation and interpretation. Gaining Health Naturally interprets the information you provide to us in an easy to read, genetic report. This report shows you exactly which areas of your health you need to focus on. The best dietary and lifestyle recommendations are tailored toward your unique body mutations. Several genes are tested, the results interpreted, reports given.
  • You are required to have at least one initial consultation for this service to ensure you understand your unique genetic information and how to use this to your benefit in your life. This consultation can be in-person or via Skye or phone.
  • Your SNP’s do not guarantee that health concerns or issues will arise, it shows you what lies beneath and my aim is to minimise impacts. Prevention is cure!
  • Once you have your raw data you are ready to start! If you do not you will need to book an initial consultation with Karen first to discuss the best genetic testing options for you.

This may sound like a complex process however believe me it is not. Any questions please call Karen today on 0400836254.

Genetic Testing

Initial Consultation and Genetic Report – Special for Nov 2018 $330 (normally $395) includes initial consultation and detailed Genetic Report

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