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Tea Readings

Tea Readings

Tea Readings with Karen

Tea Readings have become a favourite past time from the busy days in clinic for me. I’ve always enjoyed drinking tea, encouraged from my early childhood where my parents always started the day with a good strong black Tynee tips tea with milk and sugar. It has definitely changed a bit since then. These days I’m into the herbals, flavoured teas and more importantly organic however I still start my day with a good organic black tea (not cows milk anymore either), sit and contemplate my day and turn the cup so to speak. I’ve loved tea so much and natural medicine that I owned a business called the Spice Girls where I learned an enormous amount about herbs (before my studies) and how to blend a delicious, well rounded and therapeutic blend. this led to my own naturopathic style herbal blends (see them here), however my focus today is on reading your leaves for you! I really love it and straight away gain insights into what I can see and would welcome sharing this with you.

Tea readings have a long history that dates back thousands of years to Chinese Emperors, Buddhist monks, English aristocracy, ancient healers, psychics and eventually to Romany gypsies who would divine for people as they traveled using tea leaves to tell their fortunes. Lay persons like Greek grandmothers would regularly divine for their families and families in the Scottish Highlands would read tea leaves at breakfast time to foretell what kind of day lies ahead, movie stars who would pay for their fortunes to be told by their favourite tasseographer (tea leave readers are known as). There are few tea houses that remain however there are still people that are reading and interpreting your leaves!

Tea Reading ProcessTea Readings for you

  1. A fine China Tea Cup is best to use with a rounded bottom I find works well. Place one teaspoon of black tea one teaspoon for each person and one for the pot. Allow to steep 4 minutes, place milk or other milk substitute in the bottom and pour your tea leaves over. Black tea (Bushell’s was traditionally use, works best as the leaves are not too large and don’t get stuck in the spout) however you can use other tea leaves (ie herbal teas) as well as long as the leaves are not too large.
  2. Once you have drunk your tea, leave just enough liquid to cover the tea leaves at the bottom of your cup and have a little swirl. Whilst sipping your tea you can focus on a question or just allow the process to flow. It really doesn’t matter. I like to find a comfortable spot to enjoy and savior my cuppa and focus on my life as it is.
  3. Then pour the remaining tea, gently into the saucer and leave the cup cradle upside down on top of the saucer. Turn the cup three times, full rotation anti-clockwise on the saucer. Then tap the bottom of the cup three times with your finger. This is the process to keep the tradition of the fine art of Tea Leaf Reading alive. In the 1700’s the Romany Gypsies believed that turning the cup three times took you through time and tapping it three times invoked spirits into the cup.
  4. Before you continue, make sure you take a photo of your Tea Cup similar to the one above. Make sure you keep the entire cup in view, including the handle.
  5. If you wish to get your Own Tea Leaf Reading email me a couple of your pics and I will email back my interpretation for you. Please note your reading needs to be fully paid before a reading can take place. You are welcome to purchase here.

Looking forward to reading for you! Why not purchase a beautiful organic herbal to make your tea with. Here are my blends and information about my blendsReadings with Karen

Enjoy the process and sip away.

Cost: $15.00 AUS for 15 minute reading. Purchase here today. This is emailed to you within 24 hours.

Email Karen if you have any questions on

Karen Green – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist – NHAA




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