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Bio-Compatibility Testing

Bio-Compatibility Testing

Bio-Compatibility Testing unlocks the secrets to a happier healthier you!  Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bloating, Headaches or Skin issues? Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing is new to Gaining Health Naturally! 

Are you sensitive to foods, the environment and chemicals that cause persistent migraines, autoimmunity and you can’t find solutions?

You don’t have to suffer in silence any more….

Bio-Compatible Hair Testing

The Bio-Compatibility Hair System is:

  • The Bio-Compatible Hair Test – Tests for 500 standard foods and household items found in your home such as: deodorants, sunscreens, bathroom chemicals, kitchen cleaning products and toothpaste.
  • In addition, it is an easy and accurate test that involves taking a small piece of hair and offers an in-depth examination of your current sensitivities.
  • It is a restorative health program that is safe and easy to follow as it involves staying away from the foods and chemicals in your immediate environment that are affecting your health.
  • It’s completely individualised to you!

Why do this test?Bio-Compatible Hair Testing

Get to the underlying issues of your health concerns. If you have irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues, headaches, skin issues and even autoimmunity you may find that food sensitivities are part of the underlying causes and triggers. It’s difficult to guess which foods may be causing the problem, and many people try to eliminate certain foods, only to find the problem is unresolved.

There are 2 different approaches available:

  1. Bio-compatibility Hair Testing which includes a 16-page dietary advice report + a 15-minute short Phone or Skype consultation with Karen Green – $290.00.  This is NOT an initial consultation just a short consultation to go over your report. If you require longer than this you will need to book an initial consultation – costs $290.00 (includes GST) for 500 items + 16-page dietary advice report + 15 minute short consultation with Karen Green.  Your report is sent to you with an appointment time arranged with Karen. 

  2. Bio-compatibility Hair Testing which includes a 16-page dietary advice report + an initial consultation with Karen Green – Biocompatibility Hair Testing + 16 page dietary advice report + 1.5 hours Initial consultation with Karen Green – Total $435.00 AUD

Order online here today for both testing options!

How does this work?

If your order for your testing to be carried out at home, a test form will be emailed to you upon ordering. You will send your hair to the information on the form.

In clinic your sample is sent to the lab and a few weeks later the report arrives back at Gaining Health Naturally. Karen will be in touch once the results have returned.

The report indicates easily which items are not compatible for you. Yes, that means no more guessing! These items need to be removed for six months, at which time a re-test is recommended to see if foods can be slowly reintroduced. A regular follow up consultation with Karen to discuss how you are progressing is recommended.

Please note: If the test is used for a baby, the list of tested items is expanded to include nappies, baby creams and lotions, baby food, and other baby products. 

Bio-Compatible Hair Testing

Who may benefit?

Need to get to the underlying issues of your health concerns? This may be part of the picture for you. So often food imbalances and chemical sensitivities affect our health.

Anyone suffering from:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Digestive Issues such as bloating, flatulence, burping, fatigue
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Skin concerns such as Acne, Psoriasis, rashes and itching
  • Weight Gain
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Behavioural issues and more… may benefit from the Bio-Compatible Hair Testing.


  • The test involves taking a small hair sample, that tests for 500 foods and household items. It can also test specific brands if you would prefer for a small extra fee.
  • It is non-intrusive test with the best thing being there are no blood tests or scratch tests needed!

Your hair test for the 500 items can be ordered directly from Gaining Health Naturally and then an initial consultation is required with your practitioner to follow up your test results and explain how to progress. This is available via Skype @ gaining health or phone.

If you prefer to call and order your Bio-Compatible Hair Test over the phone you can do that as well. Payment can be received over the phone.

Once you place your order, your test kit information will be sent you in the post and complete the information on the form and send your hair away! It is simple and easy to do. After approximately two weeks your report arrives at Karen Green Naturopath. She will contact you to make an appointment to sit down together to discuss your action plan. If you prefer to have your consultation over the phone or via skype this is also possible as this testing comes with a full report that can be sent to you.

Consultations are available with Karen Green face-to-face in Deception Bay, North Brisbane or via skype or phone.

For more information on Gaining Health Consultations and how to purchase your Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing today click here.

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