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Resilience Thinking

Resilience thinkingWhat is Resilience Thinking?

Without getting to technical developing “resilience thinking” is being able to adapt to change in an ever-changing world.

A busy year studying for me has been amazing, taxing and left little time for much else. I am grateful for those who have come for consultations and I thank others for your patience when I couldn’t fit you in!

With current climate change, devastating news we hear too often (best to stay away I think), I was reading that the most resilient way to move forward in this crazy world, is to care for your health, be as adaptable and flexible as you can without holding on to what you once thought was normal. In doing this you will be able to progress more easily in this every changing world. The aim is to help people make better decisions under conditions of uncertainty. How do we do this?

Do one thing for yourself each and every day that sustains you! One simple thing that creates peace and serenity developing strength through consistency. If this means making sure you eat healthily then do it, if it means walking every day for 24mins then do it, if it means meditating for 24mins then do it. If it’s complex, then you may be making it to difficult and setting yourself up for failure. Focus on one thing that is all you have to do!

Each day

I meditate or a walk on the beach with Erik (the wonder pup), ride my bike or do yoga. When I don’t do this something just doesn’t feel right. This practice helps me to be strong enabling me to handle the challenges of the day. I know if may sound a bit ”trite” however try it and see.

Here’s a few tips on what you could focus on to develop resilience:

  • Get enough sleep and exercise, and learn to manage stress
  • Practice thought awareness
  • Practice cognitive restructuring to change the way that you think about negative situations and bad events
  • Learn from your mistakes and failures (it’s okay to fail as that is how we learn)
  • Choose your response
  • Maintain perspective
  • Develop strong relationships with others (friends and family)

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