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About Me

Karen Green


Karen Green  – Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Home Economist – North Brisbane

Fully Qualified Bachelor of Health Science (Nut Med), BEd – Home Economics, Adv Dip Naturopathy & Western Herbal Medicine, Cert IV Training & Assess

Karen is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Western Medicine Herbalist and GAPS Practitioner who is passionate about helping others lead, happy healthy lives.  She has completed practitioner training in MTHFR with Dr Ben Lynch (USA) and has a special interest in genetic profiling for health, including analyzing and writing genetic reports. Karen is a fully registered member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia NHAA. She has also studied Education and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

Apart from digestive concerns, thyroid health & adrenal fatigue, menopause, nutrigenomics (how your genes are affected by food and lifestyle choices), Karen has a special interest in MTHFR, autoimmune conditions (such as Diabetes, Psoriasis, Hashimoto’s Disease and more), anxiety and depression (mental health), autism, improving sleep, reducing fatigue and hormonal disorders including perimenopause, menopause, PCOS and PMS.  ‘Food as Medicine’ is an important aspect of her daily life and is highlighted in clinical practice along with seasonal and lifestyle approaches to support change.  Iridology, nail and tongue analysis, herbal medicine, practitioner range nutritional supplements, flower essences, genetic profiling, functional and pathology testing along with years of experience and intuition are used to design individually designed health programs.

After being diagnosed with psoriasis (autoimmunity) at 7 years of age, Karen was sent on a merry-go-round of doctors and specialists to find out what was ‘wrong’.  It took years of trying harmful medicines, lotions, smelly creams and wild dietary regimes for doctors to say that there was not much that they could do. Little money is spent on research into areas and conditions that are not life threatening. ‘You will probably grow out of it’ was the view of many.  As Karen aged (teenage years) she became increasingly ill with ‘dizzy spells’, bouts of colds and flus and generally dry scaly skin.  She was miserable and needed to take some different action. In her thirties she turned toward natural healing. She began treatment with a Melbourne based company called ‘Balance for Life’ and embraced her new found health knowledge. For the first time, her skin was clear! She enjoyed soaking up her new knowledge so much so that she passionately studied everything she could and became one of their practitioners. Eventually she opened and ran a division of this company in Adelaide.  She embraced much about herbs, flower essences, essential oils, food as medicine and lifestyle approaches.

Several years later, change beckoned again. She became a Tour Director this time heading out to direct the wildflower tours in Western Australia. She ran tours in amazing outback areas of Australia always in awe of the stark landscapes and of course the unique Bush flowers. After settling down in Cairns and becoming a manager of the government Tourism Information Centre she woke one day and realised that that her first love, natural medicine was calling her.  She had come full circle. Over those my years travelling, she always used what she had learned and took with her herbs, flower essences, oils and an innate love of nature.

Coming back into the Complementary Health Industry was like returning home. She needed to retrain once again so she could provide the best services and rebates for her clients.  Several years later (6 years), and after pouring herself over many books and research articles, she has resurfaced with new knowledge that has made her realise that nothing goes to waste and that everything done before leads and assist you where you are now!  When her partner completed his study in Pharmacy (Newcastle), they moved back to the Sunshine Coast  and now closer to Brisbane as she is a trainer and clinical supervisor for Ivy College. Karen, practices in Deception Bay (North Brisbane), holds Skype and Phone consultations across Australia and the world.  As a teacher in a previous occupation, she holds workshops and health retreats with the purpose of impacting others’ lives in the health area.  

As a Home Economist, Karen will show you how to use ‘food as medicine’ in your daily life, along with seasonal and lifestyle approaches to create health.  With an intuitive approach she uses iridology, nail and tongue analysis, herbal medicine, practitioner range nutritional supplements, flower essences, genetic profiling, along with functional and pathology testing to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

She currently runs her own practice Gaining Health Naturally where she focuses on helping others to lead happy, healthy lives. She launched a certified organic herbal tea range, Beauty to a Tea where she teaches you how to care for your skin and your body from the inside out (her love of herbs came about from a business she owned called The Spice Girls several years ago) with specially selected blends to assist health and healing. She is a board director of the NHAA, with the aim of giving back to the industry.

Karen Green, believes that the every day simple choices we make affect our health. We need to revisit, review, and regroup to recreate health. She likes to delve deeply into what has happened along your journey asking many questions and believes in a holistic approach integrating both modern day science with ancient traditions to healing. She hopes to inspire clients to take a preventative approach to health, as everything flows from self. There are many ways to bring the body back into balance and for each it is an individual path. 


  • ANTA Bursary Award
  • Naturopathic Student of the Year (Integria)
  • Excellence in the Academic Understanding & Clinical Application of Naturopathy (NHAA

Current studies include Speech Pathology


Member NHAA

She is registered with the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA). Full Health Rebates are available with most funds. Please check with your fund provider before your consultation.

About me - Karen Green

Karen Green

Working with Children Check and First Aid are current.


ABN: 71 706 626 961

Skype: gaininghealth

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