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Your questions answered

Your questions answered

Where are consultations carried out?

Consultations are held at Deception Bay, (North Brisbane) on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays and via phone or skype. Saturdays are by arrangement only. It is always beneficial to have a face-to-face consultation however there are this is not possible and for that reason offer other options – Phone and Skype. Phone consultations are available for Australia only.  Face-to-face consultations are carried out at Karen’s home office in Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia.

What takes place in a consultation?

All consultations involve a personalised assessment of what is occurring for your health along with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to assist regaining health and assist health prevention. Your consultation is with Karen Green, qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Mentor and Educator. Your treatment plan is specifically tailored to your personal health needs. Karen may recommend herbal tinctures and nutritional supplements using only practitioner range products and functional testing if required. She may also recommend a visit to your general practitioner for further pathology if required.  Her approach is purely holistic and she looks at the interplay of what is occurring in your body, where it may have stemmed from and how best to heal. She may also recommend other healing modalities or practitioners if needed.

In a consultation Karen may use zinc testing, urine pH balance, blood pressure, tongue and nail analysis, iridology, blood glucose testing to assist understanding what is occurring for you.  These are all carried out in a face-to-face consultation. Phone and skype consultations involve a thorough in-depth case taking, and assess any supporting information you may have gathered ie. blood pathology or other functional testing you may have had carried out. Tongue and nail analysis can be sent to her for assessment along with iridology if you are able to take images of these.

How many sessions do I need to have?

As you can image complex and chronic cases have been developing in your body over many years and therefore take time to unravel, resolve and heal. Follow up consultations are needed to gain full health.  Think about; an issue that has become ‘chronic’ may have taken 10 years to develop for instance. In natural medicine we sometimes say, ‘’Every year of dis-ease, requires at least one month to heal’’. Of course this is not set in stone. It provides you with an idea that it takes times to heal, requires patience and commitment. Every person is unique with their own set of circumstances, genes, family history and environmental surrounding that interplay health.

What happens in an initial consultation?

An initial consultation involves a detailed in-depth full health history by your consultant in order to gain understanding of your underlying health issues. Please note this can sometimes take longer than one session. Karen realises that some cases are involved and that chronic conditions may take much investigation, so you may need to return for a follow up session for this.  Please note: with face-to-face consultations nail and tongue analysis along with iridology are completed within the initial (if time permits) or in subsequent consultations.  In initial consultations, Karen usually makes supplemental recommendations along with lifestyle suggestions and may also recommend pathology or functional testing. Please note sometimes she may need to investigate and will make these suggestions in the second consultation.

What frequency of consultations do I need?

It is recommended to preferably come every 2-3 weeks initially depending on the severity and the attention you need to spend on getting well.  In saying this, it is also dependent on what you can practically do in your life at that time. During the consultation Karen will always provide you with the best timeframe and recommendations to return.

Are health rebates available through Gaining Health Naturally?

Consultation fees are claimable through most private health funds. Check with your fund provider for medicines that may be claimed. Please check with your individual provider for more details about your eligibility. Karen is a member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA). She is clinical supervisor at Ivy College in Natural Medicine.

If you are unsure and this is important to you it is probably best to check with your health fund extras before the consultation.  After your consultation, a receipt will be emailed to you so you can claim online or visit from your Health Insurance Extras provider.  For your information, Gaining Health Naturally does not process these within the consultation.

How can I pay?

Cash is accepted for consultations for face-to-face consultations only. Skype & Phone consultations are paid via paypal and must be paid for prior to the consultation.

Does Gaining Health Naturally accept cash?

Yes, cash can be used for payment of consultations and for herbal and nutritional supplements.  Cash is only available for face-to-face consultations with Karen. Please note  a small amount of cash is kept on the premises for transactions and banking is done daily.

Cancellation Policy

Gaining Health Naturally, is committed to providing all of our clients with exceptional care. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen. For this reason, notification must be received within a reasonable time frame to attract no cancellation fees.  If prior notification is not given, you will be charged 50% of consultation for the missed appointment with 12 hours of no notification.


Take place at Karen’s home in Deception Bay, Queensland at this time however watch this space as new courses will be presented online shortly. Keep in touch via our newsletter.


As an educator Karen mentors new graduating students of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbalism – Nourishing Grads Mentoring

Call us at 0400836254 by 9am on the day before your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations.

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